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Play Halo 4 For 140+ Hours This Month And You Will Be Rewarded

If you’re a die-hard Halo fan and love getting Microsoft’s points for free, I’ve got some news for you. Microsoft has decided to reward those who play Halo extensively this month (until November 30th to be precise).

In a three tiered deal, playing Halo 4 multiplayer for 35 hours will net you 100 Microsoft Points, after that getting a total of 70 hours logged will give you another 200 points. If you manage to go for the big stretch and hit a total of 140 hours on Halo 4 multiplayer you’ll receive another 300 for a grand total of 600 Microsoft points.

If you do the math, from the time of this writing you would have to play a little over six hours a day everyday to reach that mark by November 30th. Don’t know if it’s feasible for most people but it’s a good thing I have all those sick days piled up!