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Watch Dogs Launching Next Year

The breakout title from this year’s E3 has long been confirmed to be a current-gen game, despite fears that it was going to be next-gen. Today we got confirmation from Yves Guillemot that Watch Dogs would definitely be releasing some time in 2013. The news was confirmed in a financial call earlier today.

Watch Dogs will be coming next year

Fans have been chomping at the bit praying for updates or news on this particular game, all to no avail. Ubisoft have managed to keep a surprising leash on Watch Dogs, with little information being revealed since the announcement at E3.

If you’re not in the know; Watch Dogs is an open world game setting in a citypunk setting. Gameplay is centered around both third person shooting and hacking/stealth mechanics that blend together for a fresh take on open world games in similar settings. Don’t brush this off as just another Grand Theft Auto or Sleeping Dogs, as Watch Dogs is something special indeed.

Ubisoft are looking at PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 releases some time next year.