Playstation All-Stars Will Get DLC Soon

It has become a general norm to expect DLC of big AAA game after its release. More often than not, we get a day 1 DLC packs for various games. Playstation All-Stars is no different. It may not have a day one DLC as of now at least, but it has been confirmed the game will see DLC arrive in the months following its release.

In an interview given to France’s official PlayStation Blog Superbot’s Community Manager, Daniel Maniago had the following to say when questioned about post launch support:

Yes, there will be additional characters, as well as other forms of DLC levels.

As if anymore confirmation was needed, Lead Game Designer Omar Kendall made this statement:

It has dawned on us that it’s very important and fans are interested in it. If there’s enough fan interest post-launch, we definitely want to support the game with DLC. Absolutely.

If the DLCs are of good quality and help enhance the experience of the overall game, I for one do not have any problems with them.

Source: Playstation Lifestyle