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Halo 4 Tactical Packages Guide – How To Use Effectively

Apart from the Armor abilities and support upgrades, tactical packages boost up your performance on the battlefield. Basically, these tactical packages are the software updates that will increase your combat responsiveness rendering some tactical advantage, in one way or another.

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Following Tactical Packages can be equipped in Halo 4:

AA Efficiency
The energy recharge for the armor abilities is increased.

You will able to carry two primary weapons at a time. Not a new concept but can be quite useful in the fight against other spartans on foot.

With this package, you can carry more grenades than usual. I will recommend that you equip the Explosives ability with it.

You get to do unlimited sprint. So yes, you can run, run and run. The package is useful for those who like to rush forward.

Fast Track
If you want to rank up fast, the Fast Track upgrade will can help you as it will reward you extra bonuses for your actions. You are going to need to progress in the Pioneer Specialization to unlock it.

This mode allows players to recall their personal ordnance requests so that they can have what they want in the battlefield. You will have to progress through Tracker Specialization to unlock this upgrade.

This is cool; you can pick up grenades dropped by the enemies as well as the allies. So you can go berserk on grenades.

The armor energy shield recharge rate is increased. It’s an overall beneficial package.

This package will improve the performance (durability) of the vehicles being used. So if you like to use vehicles a lot, include this package in the list of recommendation.