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Halo 4 Engineer Loadouts Tips and Strategy Guide

Spartan optimization for the subversion, repair, and or reconstitution of a wide range of technology, including Covenant and Forerunner complex networks. The Drop Recon armor mod allows users to predict the location and time of an ordnance drop through an external suborbital monitoring system.

The Engineer Specialization plays a very important role in fights constructed by organized teams. Communication is the key point here and when that is added to the mix with the Engineer Specialization, you basically have the opportunity grab the enemy by their… tails.

Equipping the Drop Record Armor Mod lets players know when the Infinity Ordnance is coming and what is it holding. The Engineer will be shown the exact way point of the drop and the type of weapon it’s boasting prior to the drop entering the map.

This provides a great advantage to teams as they can move before hand and take use of whatever the Infinity Ordnance drop is bringing. For more help on Halo 4 loadouts, read our Wetwork, Pioneer and Operator Loadouts.

Recommended Loadout
Specialization: Engineer
Primary Weapon: DMR / Lightrifle
Secondary Weapon: Magnum
Grenade Type: Frag
Armor Ability: Active Camo / Jet Pack / Promethean Vision
Tactical Package: Mobility
Support Upgrade: Drop Recon

You’ll be needing the Active Camo Or Jet Pack ability to reach the necessary coordinates in anticipation of the drop. You can choose to either escape detection or go forth through higher ground, whatever helps you reach the drop quickly.

Weapons are based on your play style and map. Medium range and close combat weapons would be good because you will need to go in order to retrieve the package. Otherwise you can always play point guard and look over the drop from a vantage point.

Don’t forget to share your own loadouts with us in the comments below. Share your strategies and tell us why you opted for that specific loadout for the Halo 4 multiplayer while playing as a Engineer.