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Halo 4 Armor Abilities Guide – How To Use Effectively

With an intriguing single-player campaign, Halo 4 has an intricate multiplayer that won’t let you get bored for a long time. 343 Industries has not only kept the original Halo play-style intact; they have made some new additions adding more fun to the multiplayer.

Latest Mjolnir GEN2 armor in Halo 4 allows users to add up pieces of hardware (armor abilities) that can improve their efficiency accordingly in the battlefield.

The use of these armor abilities can be the difference between pawning other or get pawned. To save you the trouble, we have the basic information on each of these armor abilities so that you can choose the best possible loadout suiting your play style.

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Halo 4 Armor Abilities

Hardlight Shield
Hardlight Shield is a strong barrier that can defend you in the utmost firefight heat. Although the barrier will slow you down a bit, but if you have multiple targets to deal with, this barrier can save your life.

You can also the it to protect yourself against the explosive damage or to guard your teammate just beside you. The shield is strong, but you can’t consider it as an invisible tool and always hide behind so you will have to use it tactically.

The hologram ability will let you produce a decoy of your character who can create disturbance in the enemy ranks. In Halo 4, these decoys are more effective they will be marked red on enemy radar, and the reticle will also turn red. So if you want to draw the enemy fire away from you, this ability is what you should be looking for.

Promethean Vision
You want to see through walls? The Promethean Vision is the ability you should be equipped with. Just like a thermal goggle, it will allow you to see the enemies through any solid object. The ability can come in quite handy in objective based matches.

Thruster Pack
The Thruster Pack will allow you to thrust your way forward for a small distance. The armor ability is useful for both aggressive and defensive tactics. You can close down the gap between yourself and the target or even reach the nearest cover in a blink of an eye. It can also help one evade the grenades without being harmed.

Jet Pack
The Jet Pack Will let you make massive leaps from one point to another. It’s like a jumping rubber ball. Anyway, you can use it tactically to move from one target point to another. It’s always difficult to shoot a moving target in air so you won’t be hit that easily.

This ability will allow you to spawn a mobile sentry gun. It will not only target enemies but can also serve the distraction purpose. Enemies usually will try to take it out first before they target you.

Active Camouflage
If you are not moving, you will be almost impossible to get spotted. Those who like the stealthy approach are going to love this ability. The ability comes in quite handy when you have to defend something in a closed structure. If you are patient enough, you can also use it to infiltrate enemy ranks without being spotted.

Regeneration Field
This is my favorite. Almost makes you a medic. With the regeneration field, you will be able to regenerate not only your own health but also the health of your teammates. A good ability in scenarios where team work is crucial.