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Fez Co-Creator Joins Capybara Games

Renaud Bedard, the co-creator of the indie 2D/3D platformer gem, Fez, is joining Capybara Games.

Capybara Games is known for iOS hit Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, another indie game. Their other popular products include Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and Cirtter Crunch.

Capybara tweeted about this recent addition to their team:

SUPER EXCITING NEWS OVER HERE! Renaud Bédard AKA @renaudbedard has joined the CAPY team! That’s crazy, man! We’re totally psyched!

Fez and Sword & Sworcery are both unique and original games that show off the real power of what independent studios can do. Both the games were among the most prominent in this year’s Independent Games Festival, with Fez ultimately taking the grand prize.

Capybara is currently busy on the development of Super Time Force, winner of the Microsoft XBLA award. It would be a real treat to see what one of the geniuses behind Fez brings to the table.