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Halo 4 Weapons Guide – Best Tactical Packages, Armor Abilities, Support Upgrades

Halo 4 has a lot of weapons in it. In fact, they are so many that even a veteran of the series may feel a little dizzy when going through them all. There are pistols, shotguns, plasma cannons and various other types of weaponry you need to get familiar with in order to beat the game.

There are different play styles you can adopt to vanquish your foes. Each of these multiple play styles have unique weapons, which complement them. If you are catching up with Halo weaponry, continue reading.

There are two slots for your weapons; primary and secondary. Using Firepower Tactical Package will convert your secondary slot into primary.

All weapons in the game are primary weapons except of the Magnum, Boltshot and Plasma Pistol, which are the only three options you have for your secondary slot. Grenades have their own separate slot.

Let’s dive headfirst into the wide array of weapons Halo 4 has to offer. We have divided these weapons into the following categories:

  • Melee
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Rifles
  • Sniper
  • Power Weapons
  • Grenades

Halo 4 Melee Weapons

Gravity Hammer
This hammer would be familiar to the veterans of the series. It was introduced back in Halo 2. This is an extremely powerful melee weapon capable of killing foes with one hit.

Naturally, it has no range so do not take it where you need to combat with far away troops. Furthermore, the physical impulse it generates upon impact is extremely effective against vehicles.

The hammer goes along well with any ranged-weapon. Furthermore, Shield Tactical Package and the Wetworks Support upgrade is a must if you intend to use Gravity Hammer.

Energy Sword
Unlike any other melee weapon in the game, Energy Sword provides a range with its lunge attack albeit a really short one.

You should keep in mind that this sword can be blocked by another Energy Sword with a well-timed counter attack. Like any other melee weapon, you should have a long range secondary weapon to compliment it; let’s say Magnum.

Utilize the Thruster Package with this weapon to insanely increase the range of this sword and make it a terror on the battlefield. As with the Gravity Hammer; opt for Shield Tactical Package and Wetworks Support upgrade if you intend to use this weapon.

Flood Claw

Halo 4 Pistols

The Magnum is the handgun for total bad-asses. It has an eight round clip and is very effective at a mid-short range. Use this weapon when you have taken down enemy shields to maximize its effectiveness.

Interestingly switching to the Magnum is faster than reloading your primary weapon (especially when paired with the Dexterity Armor Mode), so keep this in mind in the heat of the battle.

Plasma Pistol
It has not changed much since Halo: Reach. It even has the old combos still intact with it. For example, when you have stripped down the shield with this gun, you can follow it up with a grenade.

Another tactic is to follow it with a melee attack. To perform these combos with even more potential, use the Dexterity Support Upgrade. Furthermore, the plasma pistol can also stop a vehicle dead in the tracks.

Please note that this time around in Halo 4, when performing a charged shot with this gun, your battery will drain a lot faster.

It is faster but weaker than the Magnum. Furthermore, it has a secondary shotgun blast attack. The secondary attack is powerful but very short ranged.

It is the ideal pick when you want to have a powerful shotgun but do not want to fill out your primary slot with a shotgun. It provides the best alternative. However, if you choose this option, you need to make everyone of your secondary attacks count, and this requires a fair bit of skill.

Like all side firearms, it is extremely good with the Dexterity Support Upgrade.

Halo 4 Shotguns

It shares many similarities with its predecessor from Halo Reach. As you can imagine, it is very good at short range and is capable of one shot kills.

However, at a long range, it plainly sucks, thus it is very necessary to pair with a long-range weapon like a rifle. To get the rifle as your weapon in the secondary slot, you will need to have the Firepower Tactical Package.

Furthermore, the Active Camo and Promethean Vision are best when coupled with the shotgun as they allow you to creep up close to your foes.

It has has instant kill written all over it when fired at a short range. However, the best property of this gun is that its rounds bounce of walls and other hard forces thus making small maps death traps for your enemies.

A Magnum is a good accomplice for the Scattershot.

As with the Shotgun, the Active Camo can do wonders when paired up with a Scattershot. Thruster Pack goes well with this weapon as it allows you to cover distance, get close to your enemy and then kill them with a single round from the Scattershot.

Moreover, remember that The Hardlight Shield can allow you to close distance to the enemies safely in order to use this gun.

Halo 4 Snipers

Sniper Rifle
Sniper rifle is lethal at a long range. It’s a one shot kill (head) and two shots kill (body). Sniper rifle has four rounds in a single clip. Keep in mind that the bullets you fire leave a trail behind them thus leading enemies towards your location.

Furthermore, the sniper rifle can take down a vehicle if you fire it at the vehicle’s weak spot. The Jetpack is a good option for snipers as it allows them to reach elevated positions from which they can simply pick off enemy units. Furthermore, with the Active Camo you can keep your location secret while firing from a sniper rifle.

The best upgrades with a sniper rifle are the Awareness Support and the Stability Support upgrades.

Beam Rifle
The true secret when wielding this weapon is knowing when to fire two quick shots to get a quick kill and when to pace your attacks.

Remember that it has a capacity to overheat. Once it overheats, you will not be able to use it for a few seconds.

Like all snipers, you need to have rifles paired with them to make you effective at all ranges on the battlefield.

With the Active Camo, you can keep your location secret while firing from a sniper rifle. The best upgrades with a sniper rifle are the Awareness Support and the Stability Support upgrades.

Binary Rifle
It’s a promethean sniper rifle with two rounds per clip. It kills with a single shot, doesn’t matter where the bullet lands. It emits a laser from the weapon that can lead foes to your position. It is extremely powerful but very inaccurate when scope is not used.

Medium range rifles make a good second fiddle to the binary rifle. As it does reveal your location, you will need to be extremely mobile when using it. This is done in order to prevent the enemies from spotting you.

Halo 4 Grenades

Frag Grenades
Frag grenade is awesome when you need to take down enemy shields. Furthermore, it can stick to moving enemy vehicles and even player bodies and deal immense damage to them.

It even bounces off floors. You can use the Grenadier Tactical Package to increase the number of Frag grenades you carry to three.

Jetpack and thruster packages are awesome to drop off a grenade at a location near you and then getting the hell out of there quickly so you do not come within the blast radius and sustain damage. Furthermore, the blast radius is expanded by the Explosive support upgrade.

Plasma Grenades
This is the “sticky grenade” of the Halo series. It sticks on vehicles and players, no exception. Once it is stuck to the player, that guy is a dead meat. However, vehicles can absorb up damage from one plasma grenade before exploding. You can use the Grenadier Tactical Package to increase the number of Frag grenades you carry to three.

Jetpack and thruster packages are awesome to drop off a grenade at a location near you and then getting the hell out of there quickly so you do not come within the blast radius and sustain damage. Furthermore, the blast radius is expanded by the Explosive support upgrade.

As you will use the sticky grenade in close encounters, it is recommended that you take Hardlight Shield s it protects you from the blast of the grenade.

Pulse Grenade
Pulse grenade is a Promethean grenade. It sticks wherever it lands and then explodes in a sphere. Anything in that sphere is let’s say “drained.” Vehicles will get slowed and foes will have their healths and shields drained.

These properties make it ideal to use when you want to block off enemy troops from entering or leaving through one particular direction. Furthermore, you can throw this grenade with more precision than any other grenade in the game. You can use the Grenadier Tactical Package to increase the number of Frag grenades you carry to three.

Jetpack and thruster packages are awesome to drop off a grenade at a location near you and then getting the hell out of there quickly so you do not come within the blast radius too and sustain damage. Furthermore, the blast radius is expanded by the Explosive support upgrade.

Halo 4 Rifles

Assault Rifle
Assault rifles are the most basic rifles in the game. This does not mean they are not effective though. They are lethal at close range as they can spray bullets very quickly. They can be coupled with almost any weapon in the game. Snipers, grenades or pistols all weapons go hand in hand with them.

Closing the distance with this gun and finishing your foes with a melee attack is a sound strategy. For reckless players, the Regeneration Field and Hardlight Shield are the best picks. Furthermore, the Mobility Tactical Package/Support Upgrade can get you into and out of confrontations really quickly.

Use Firepower Tactical Package to fill your second slot with any other primary rifle weapon preferably one, which has a longer range than this rifle.

Storm Rifle
This rifle is an upgraded version of the plasma rifle. It is extremely effective against shields and can fire at an impossible rate. It is a nightmare for enemy troops on foot but is not very useful against vehicles.

Utilize this gun to take down shield of enemies quickly and then finish them off with grenades. You must pair this weapon either with grenades or longer ranged rifles.

Pair it with Ammo Support Upgrade to make its clip last even longer during confrontations. Furthermore, Hardlight Shield and Regeneration Field are the way to go with this rifle.

This is like the SMG from Halo 3. It is most effective at a close-mid range. It is not very accurate but sprays bullet at a very fast rate.

Furthermore, it has a very large clip capacity, making it last longer in battles. It is a very good secondary weapon to any type of sniper rifle.

To make the clip last even longer, choose Ammo Support Upgrade. Furthermore, use thruster pack to close in on enemies and rain bullets on them mercilessly.

It is very much like the Suppressor but with one difference only. It can also dish out some damage to vehicles. It is advised that you pair this gun with any sort of power weapon.

In this way, you will become a threat to all vehicles on the battlefield and still be able to fend-off on foot troops. As you will be battling vehicles, you need to play defensive and get yourself Regeneration Field or Hardlight Shield.

Moreover, you can use the Thruster package to dodge enemy vehicles. Firepower tactical package is a must have in order to equip a power weapon in your secondary slot.


The DMR is more accurate at long range than any other long range rifle in Halo 4. However, it fires at a slow rate . Four headshots with this gun can kill an enemy. It can either be coupled with the Magnum or the Pulse grenade to maximize its potential.

For players who like to get into the thick of things, the Regeneration Field is the best armor ability. For those who like to stay back and shoot from the far way, they should take the Ammo Support upgrade, so they never run out of bullets to fire.

Battle Rifle
It has a quick three-round burst. With every shot, you get a slight muzzle climb, so be sure to start firing just below your intended target. You need to take down the enemy shields with the first two bullets and kill the enemy with a third and final head shot when using this gun.

To strip down the shield, you can either use the plasma pistol, pulse grenade or the Frag grenades. Apart from Active Camo, it is compatible with nearly every other armor mod and ability.

Light Rifle
There are two attacks when it comes to this gun. The three-shot burst or the single shot when zoomed in. Both are equally powerful. If the enemy far, use the single shot from the hip. When the enemy is at a close-mid range, use the three rounds burst.

It is recommended that you avoid pairing rifle with this gun. You can couple it with anything else though, for example, Snipers, grenades or pistols.

Choose what armor mods or abilities you want according to your play style because goes with everything.

Covenant Carbine
The carbine may have skipped Halo Reach, but it is back in Halo 4. It may be less powerful than all other long range rifles, but it has more damage at a short range than all of them.

This is because of its impressive fire rate. Apart from any other rifles, carbine gels well with all other weapons in the game. Except of the Active Camo, all other armor mods and abilities work splendidly with carbine.

Halo 4 Power Weapons

Rocket Launcher
The best way to deal damage with this weapon is to hit the wall or surfaces near your enemies. This way, you ensure dealing damage to your enemies instead of targeting a single foe and missing him completely. The rocket launcher has two-round magazines so make them count.

As the launcher is a slow weapon, try to take a rifle with a quick fire rate alongside it. Do not couple it with grenades at all as this will limit your options on the battlefield. Active Camo and Jetpack are best options for you when you are wielding a launcher.

Fuel Rod Cannon
These cannons can fire at a quick rate. Which means it is best used to spam a small area, like hallways and rooms, with a lot of explosive projectiles causing mayhem around you. Furthermore, these cannons are very effective against vehicles.

Do not use it with another power weapon instead opt for a rifle. Like all power weapons, they are best coupled with Active Camo and Jetpack.

Incineration Cannon
This is an AOE weapon that can kill multiple enemies with one shot. When fired, the projectile bursts into smaller projectiles which in turn burst again to do more AOE damage albeit weaker than before. Anyone who gets touched by it gets disintegrated. Be warned, friendly fire is possible.

It is most effective at a mid range so pick any secondary weapon, which has a different range of effectiveness. Best way to go is the long-range rifles.

Rail Gun
It is solely defined to dish out damage to the vehicles. It generates a physical impulse that can flip over vehicles easily. It’s sole purpose is to take down enemy vehicles. Couple it with SAWS if you want to go out hunting vehicles.

Like all power weapons, they are best coupled with Active Camo and Jetpack. However, since you will be going one on one against the vehicles, you may want to take the Regeneration Field as well.

Concussion Rifle
Ut can take down enemy shields quickly and even can flip over vehicles due to its physical impulse. Because it takes down shields quickly, you may want to have Magnum and Boltshot for a follow head shot to get a quick kill.

As this rifle has an AOE damage, it can be used against a horde of enemies. With their shields gone, your foes can be easy pickings for your teammates. Like all power weapons, It is best coupled with Active Camo and Jetpack.

Sticky Detonator
It is an upgraded version of the previous grenade launcher. It launches a grenade which sticks upon impact on any surface. Although it takes some time for the grenade to explode, you can cause it to explode prematurely by firing at it.

This weapon is very effective against vehicles and enemy foot soldiers. You can take a shotgun or a long-range rifle with this weapon depending on the size of the map. You can use Active Camo and Promethean Vision to set up ambushes for your enemies while using this weapon.

Spartan Laser
It is probably the most destructive weapon in the Halo series. This laser cannon can kill almost all things with a single shot.

Like most power weapon, it is best suited to combat vehicles. You can pair it up with pulse grenades. This way, you can slow down your enemies first by using the pulse grenade and then take a shot at them with the Spartan Laser cannon.

You should use Regeneration Field to extend your time on the battlefield. Any guy who carries this will be the sole target for enemies to neutralize.