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Halo 4: Competitive Skill Rank Update Coming Next Year

343 Industries have readied a major multiplayer update for Halo 4 next year which will feature the ‘Competitive Skill Rank’.

The Competitive Skill Rank system will assign each player with their own ranks based off course on their skill level. These will be visible on your Waypoint profiles and the game will use them to match players against each others in the multiplayer mode.

Different game types will have their own skill levels so you can have a rank of 20 in one mode and a rank of 40 in another. Currently the maximum level cap is 50 but the developer has stated that is subject to change.

As you play matches, you’ll either gain rank or lose it. All competitive playlists will support the CSR system.

An exact release date for the patch is yet unknown but even on release the system will need time for the developers to fine tune it to perfection.