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Free Resident Evil 5 for PlayStation Plus Members

It seems that Sony are rolling out even more perks for PlayStation Plus members this month.

The latest update to the PlayStation Store in North America is set to change a couple of things about the Instant Game Collection.

Two of the previous titles are being removed and are being replaced with Residen Evil 5: Gold Edition. Whilst free games are always great, we’re losing Just Cause 2 and Borderlands so if you haven’t downloaded them already; Get on that now whilst you still can.

There’s also some other benefits on the way. We’re seeing some discounts on Portal 2 as well as the brand new When Vikings Attack. Not enough? Well Absolute Supercars is also being thrown on the discount totem pole.

If you’re in Europe, then don’t feel left out. You can look forward to Ratch & Clank: All 4 One as well as Cubixx HD and Crysis 2 in your Instant Game Collection as of November 7th. That’s three free games, what more could you ask for?