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Descent Remade In Unreal Engine

Descent was an interesting first-person spaceship combat game that came out way back in 1996 and was notable for taking place in elaborate 3D labyrinths, unlike most spaceship combat games that took place in the barren vacuum of outer space.

Descent’s freeform movement across six axis was disorienting and refreshing but unfortunately, the series fizzled out by 2000’s Descent 3.

Maximillian Schulz, the man responsible for the port, hopes to follow in the footsteps of well known mod/remakes such as the Black Mesa remake of Half-Life.

He’d like to replicate Descent without using its name or any of the original assets in order to avoid any beef with company lawyers.

Unfortunately, this approach requires all the in-game content to be created from scratch, and Sculz is inviting the modding community to help out on that front. Interested parties can contact Shulz at madmax1998 at Gmail.