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Assassin’s Creed 3 – Sequence 10 100% Sync Guide

Connor has somewhat mixed feelings after meeting with his father in Sequence 9. Go find Achillies at the homestead to propose an alliance with Haytham.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 – Sequence 10 100% Sync

Mission 1: Alternate Methods
Once you’re in New York, head to the Southwest corner of the map to find Haytham. Talk to him to continue. Follow him to a meeting of Redcoats.

There is a large fight early in this mission, and you have an optional objective to use two guards as meat shield from a firing line. Be on the lookout for the yellow triangles above the officers nearby and quickly grab a soldier when they appear.

Chase after the one that gets free, and tackle him when you get close. An optional objective requires you to tackle him from above so. Be on the lookout for stairs leading to second-story doors; this is your best bet for hitting the soldier from above.

You may have to restart the checkpoint a few times in order to get acquainted with his route and be able to overtake him. Now, escort the guard with Haytham to a holding area. If and when the guard stops walking, get behind him and push him.

Mission 2: Broken Trust
After learning some information from the guards, fast travel to the Frontier. Go to Valley Forge and find George Washington. You learn that your village is about to fall under attack. Now you need to assassinate the five messengers. The first will be by the side of the trail on the left.

If you want full synchronization, you will have to take out the messengers in under 3 minutes and remain horsed for the duration. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you have a double holster or a double barreled pistol so you can fire quickly without reloading.

There will be a group of three more on horses further down the trail. The last messenger will be on a horse in front of you. Spur your horse on to catch up with him. Once all the messengers are dead, return to your village by following the green icons.

Your next goal will be to stop the attack on the soldiers nearby by your misguided compatriots.

Furthermore, you need to do this without killing any of them for full sync. If you run up behind them and tap your attack button at a full sprint, you’ll be able to perform a disabling maneuver. You may wind up having to fight one or two, but you shouldn’t have too many problems with that.

Mission 3: Battle of Monmouth
This mission sees you manning a cannon and using it to hold back platoons of soldiers while the revolutionaries’ retreat to a more secure location. It’s simple enough, but the optional objectives are a bit tricky; you need to wipe out two platoons in one cannon shot, then eight platoons in one cannon shot.

This can be tricky but here is a tip; aim between platoons standing in front of one another not ones that are side-by-side. Destroying two platoons that were already half strength with one-shot counts, so keep this in mind.

After the defense sequence, you’ll need to run back to the colonial lines. You get another optional objective of freeing three patriots that are about to be executed along the way. The first execution is in the town square; another execution can be foiled in the yard of a house nearby, and the last one is on the right side of the row as you get closer to the battlefield ahead.

To stop them just run right up through the British soldiers and get between them and their target. They’ll break off from their shooting and focus on you instead, but as just disrupting them accomplishes the objective you can just move on. There’s no need to stop and fight.