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Playstation 3 Will Finally Launch In China

Back in 2000, China implemented a ‘Console Ban’ in order to protect its nation’s youth; a move which has been said to have caused the rampant amounts of piracy in the region. However, it seems that Sony has gained approval to launch its platform in the country.

Authorities granted the PS3 a “China Compulsory Certificate” in July, Techinasia reports. Though this is no doubt good news for gaming fans in China, it is by no means proof of Sony launching its consoles via official retail channels in China. There must be other concerns too, such as the sale-ability of pricey console games in the country, and a lack of a framework for rating games by age suitability.

In related news, Nintendo announced earlier this week, that the 3DS XL is set to arrive in China this December, with three exclusive designs. Each will have Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land pre-loaded.

Source: Techinasia