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343 Industries Bans Pirates Playing Halo 4 and Mocks on Twitter

There are different ways to handle pirates, some befriend them, others behead them. And still, others save face by making light of it in a hilarious way. The latter is 343 Industries, who levied a thunderous ban hammer on pirates playing Halo 4 before its release date.

“Some folks playing Halo 4 today were banned in-game on accident,” read the Twitter account of Halo Waypoint. “Technical glitch. We’re working on the fix and so sorry for the error.”

Earlier this week, indie developer Jonatan Söderström endeared pirates of his game by giving them technical advice, saying while he doesn’t want people to pirate his game, he’d rather everyone gets to play it the way it was meant to be played.

At any rate, it’s refreshing to see developers taking high roads and lighthearted approaches to piracy, despite the serious implications it may bring down on people involved in the game.