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RIFT: Storm Legion Open Beta Begins Today

Open beta for Storm Legion, the new expansion pack for MMO RIFT begins today, or perhaps I’m late in writing this and the beta is already live.

So why should you participate in the open beta for the new expansion? Well, you’ll get a chance to explore several new content that the expansion is bringing. That includes seven new dungeons, a new Chronicle, and more.

This weekend’s beta event will hold a number of PvP (Player vs Player) events as well. Winners will be given prestigious titles and an option of naming an event after your live character of choice.

The beta event will conclude on November 7, a week before the expansion’s official launch.

For more information you can head on over to RIFT’s beta page. The RIFT: Storm Legion open beta is available to all Trion account holders.

Storm Legion will officially release on November 13, 2012. Rift players don’t have to wait for that long since it’s just around the corner.