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PS3 Release Date for Mass Effect Trilogy Confirmed

The Mass Effect Trilogy which will see Mass Effect 1 coming on PS3 for the first time was set to be released on the XBox360 and PC on 6 November for the US and 9 November for Europe but never got a date for PS3 version as we reported earlier. Well good news for PS3 owners, Bioware has finally revealed a release date for their console.

The trilogy as well as the stand alone original Mass Effect will have a December 4 release in the US and December 7 release in Europe.

External producer Ryan Warden commented on making the whole thing happen:

Our internal team cranked into high gear and Edge of Reality really turned on Beast Mode and started crushing bugs. We worked around the clock to ensure the game performed at, or better-than, the performance metrics that we had from the Xbox 360. And they did it. Mass Effect on the PS3 runs pretty damn well.