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Playstation 4 Dev Kits Found To Run On AMD A10 APU

Everyone knows that this generation of gaming consoles is coming to an end soon. In fact, Sony has started handing out Playstation 4 aka “Orbis” dev kits to game developers.

According to reports, Sony started this process a long time ago. Sources say that there are four different dev kit versions, with the previous version just a graphics card. The version shipping at the moment is a “modified PC,” and the third version which will arrive in January 2013 will be closer to the final spec. The final version will be in developers’ hands “next summer.”

Sony’s second Orbis dev kit which is shipping at the moment to certain key game developers in the U.S is said to have an AMD A10 APU processor, a combination CPU and GPU single chip. Furthermore, sources say that what Sony ultimately wants to achieve with its next console is to run 1080p, 60fps games in 3D. What about 4K though? We reported a while back that Playstation 4 was rumored to support 4K resolution. A game running on 4K, 30fps will be very good to look at. We are not whining here; 1080p and 60 fps are still awesome for consoles.

Two more things of note are that the dev kits right now are equipped with 8GB or 16GB of memory, also the hardware reportedly has not been made in Japan.

Moreover, when you press the ps button, you can travel to anywhere on the system while playing a game.
We will have more information as it becomes available.

Source: VG24/7.