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PlanetSide 2: Twitch Streaming Feature Confirmed, Will Be Added To Beta This Weekend

If you’ve been keeping tabs with the recent trend then you would know that streaming PC games have gotten very popular. Many professional e-sports players actually make a very good living from just streaming their competitive games every day. Besides the competitive side, even regular single-player games have gotten the attention.

Sony is well aware of this and hence, they have decided on teaming up with to bring a built-in streaming option in their upcoming title PlanetSide 2.

To new comers streaming their games might prove to be a hassle. However, the broadcast options Sony is putting in their free-to-play game will let users stream their games at the click of a button.

The user-interface will be friendly and will provide further options for frames per second, resolution and bitrate. The feature will be included in the beta this weekend. As always there might be a few issues with it since it is the game’s beta.