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GTA 5: Pre-Order Bonus Revealed, New Trailer To Release By Nov 5

The much awaited Grand Theft Auto 5 has been officially confirmed for a Spring 2013 release and with that the pre-orders for the game will open on November 5, 2012.

Anyone who pre-orders the game will get themselves a photo viewer. It’s one of those small projection contraptions where you can look through the pinhole to view images. This one will show pre-buyers an early glimpse of the game, basically five areas from the new San Andreas: Rural Grapeseed, Rocky Zancudo River, Notoriety-Steeped Vinewood Hills, The Afore-Seen Del Perro Pier and Vespucci Canals.

An image below, courtesy of fansite shows us the photo viewer and a sample image.

Alongside the news of the pre-order bonus, AllGamesBeta has managed to get hold of a Rockstar letter addressed to retailers. According to the letter a brand new trailer for GTA 5 might just be around the corner.

Unfortunately the events of hurricane Sandy had caused Rockstar to delay the release of the trailer by a bit. The trailer will now most probably go live alongside the pre-orders, that is on November 5 or perhaps a day before.