Assassins Creed 3 – Sequence 4 100% Sync Guide

After Sequence 3, you will find Desmond out of the animus.

Check out his email and talk to the rest of the team. Go to the brightly-lit stairwell Desmond’s father patrols and into the room nearby to talk with one of the Predecessors to get their explanation as to how they were intending to get around the ‘end of the world’ problem.

When you return to the animus, you’ll be waking up as Connor, the offspring of Haytham and Ziio. For more help on Assassin’s Creed 3, read our Lockpicking, Outfits Unlock and Peg Leg Trinkets Guide.

Assassin’s Creed 3 – Sequence 4 100% Sync

Mission 1: Hide and Seek
Connor will be playing a game of hide and seek with four other kids here. For 100% synchronization you’ll need to find them all without a single mistake and within 4 minutes.

Remember to make good use of Eagle vision, as it can really help you find clues a lot faster. The first child is barely concealed in a rocky outcropping near where you start the contest. The second child is in a leaf pile at the center of his particular circle.

The third and fourth kids are together in another woodpile, but you’ll have multiple piles to choose from and there aren’t enough clues to narrow down the search enough so you’ll have to do a bit of guesswork. You may have to play the mission a couple of times to get full synchronization.

Afterward, it’s your turn to hide. After the small scene when you have to travel to your mother, run back down the hill and quickly scramble back through your village and move to the right of the door to find your way into the house.

Mission 2: Feathers and Trees
You now get a mission to collect some feathers. The optional objectives for full synchronization consist of collecting three extra feathers and never touching the ground or the water.

The trip to the eagle’s nest is largely a matter of holding down the right trigger and pressing forward, so don’t be too worried about it; if you hit the ground, simply reset the checkpoint.

Collecting the extra feathers is pretty easy. The first should be near where you regain control of your character, while the second can be found by free running through the treetops from that point to the objective marker. The third can be found by running along the ground and reaching the last way point, then climbing into a tree.

Mission 3: Hunting Lessons
This is more or less a tutorial mission on how to hunt in the wilderness. When you’re told to take down a doe, toss the bait into the brush that you’re standing in, wait for it to get to close to you and bring it down with your fists.

There are three optional objectives; hunt three different kinds of animals, use bait and snare to catch an animal, and air assassinate two animals. First of all, find a clue in the brush, investigate it, set a snare on top of it, then lay down some bait and wait.

After that take to the trees and perform two air assassinations, preferably on separate animals. To do this drop some bait under you while hiding in the branches to attract the targets. Now all you have to do to get home is fight-off a bear attack!

Mission 4: Something to Remember
This is basically an extended flying mission. Your only optional objective is to avoid crashing into any trees or other obstacles in your path.

You can maneuver, but not very quickly, so keep an eye on the path in front of you and try to plot away through the underbrush. Frustratingly, the most difficult-to-avoid obstacles are at the very end of the course, so you may have to replay it a couple of times to get the path down.