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Agawi Brings Cloud Gaming to Windows 8

About two months back, we reported on Microsoft’s partnership with Agawi in response to Sony purchasing Gaikai in order to compete with them in the cloud gaming market. Well, it seems like that particular endeavor is already bearing fruit.

Agawi has just launched the GameZen app to bring cloud gaming to Windows 8. Agawi also claims that it’s launching the app with over 1000 titles already ready to play, with a focus on mid-core titles. The app can also be used on other Microsoft products as well, as since Windows 8 runs on a single core, the same app is compatible with the Tablet and Mobile version of the OS as well.

We’re focusing on connecting Windows 8 users with their favorite games and helping them find new games they love, for a fun and accessible gaming experience. Developers also benefit from a huge new audience available to them and the Windows 8 devices that are extremely well-suited to gaming, like the Surface tablet.