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PS Vita French Ad Goes All Out With Four Breasts

The slogan in the above French advertisement reads “Two touch screens. Twice the sensations.” That’s how Sony plans to sell their PS Vita, at least in France.

In any business ‘sex sells’ but the problem, here is that who is buying? The French promotional ad interprets Vita’s front and rear touch pads with a woman with four breasts, on the front and back.

Sony’s second quarter financial results were revealed today and it carried more bad news for Sony’s hand-held.

The firm has lowered their sales expectations once again to 10 million units by March 31, 2013. This figure was initially 16 million units back in May of this year but was reduced to 12 million units in August.

If this is how the firm plans to sell the Vita to male gamers in France, I shudder at the thought of an ad for the female gamers circle.