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Need For Speed Most Wanted Achievements Guide – How To Unlock

Need For Speed Most Wanted is Criterion’s response to fans who had been waiting for something Burnout. They have managed to make the single player mode of Most Wanted just as engrossing and captivating as that of its namesake which was released back in 2005. In this guide, we will talk about different tricky achievements or trophies and how to unlock it.

Don’t Blink
You earn this trophy or achievement right at the end of the story mode, so you need to make a lot of progress before even thinking about this one. To get this achievement, you need to have one million speed points to unlock the last race in Need For Speed Most Wanted.

You can earn these speed points by winning races, exploring the world and escaping the police. Once you unlocked the final race, you will need a really fast car; a Bugatti Veyron would do just fine. Finish first in this race and then take down Koenigsegg Agera R by ramming it.

Doing this will surely give you a nostalgic feeling, reminding you of the classic burnout games. If you successfully pull this off, you will not only unlock “Don’t Blink” trophy or achievement but also effectively end the story mode of the game. Don’t worry, you can still drive your car in free roam.

If your heart desires it; you can even go back and repeat some of your races.

Side Winder
Drifting is the coolest thing you can do when driving an automobile, in my humble opinion. Sadly, though being a responsible citizen pretty much means that you are not allowed to drift while you are driving your car, or maybe you are just a wuss and do not know how to drift at all.

This is where Need For Speed Most Wanted comes in and gives you the best alternative. Criterion has made sure that you can burn rubber with ease and grace in the game. In fact, if you drift for more than 250 yards continuously you can unlock the Sidewinder achievement/trophy.

Like any other challenge in the game, first you need a perfect car to perform this stunt. We recommend the Nissan GT-R Egoist. Even if it’s completely a stock version with no upgrades, it is up to the task in this scenario.

Furthermore, if you choose any other car for this task, keep in mind that we are not looking for great speed here instead what we want is great handling. After you have picked your car, you need a place where you can maneuver your car easily around bends or corners, so that when you drift, you do not hit something and break it off. The parking garage in the Bloom-guard street is the perfect place for you to get this achievement.

In order to execute a perfect drift, apply the handbrake while driving/accelerating your car at a medium speed and keep steering it towards the left or right. You need to find the perfect balance between the speed and brakes to make your drift last longer.

Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity is one of the extremely fun and challenging achievements to do. You need to make a 200 yards jump while going through a billboard to unlock this achievement. Sounds easy enough, right?

First, you need a super-fast light car. Car should be light because otherwise it won’t fly Ariel Atom 500 V8 is the perfect pick to get this achievement. Once you have chosen the car, you need to choose the right billboard to perform this stunt on.

Keep in mind that only a few billboards in the game that make a 200 yards jump possible. The best billboards are located in Gunderson Avenue North. They are right next to the glass structures which can serve as ramps for you to make your jump from. Furthermore, it will greatly help if your Atom is upgraded with a Powershot Nitrous customization.

Kitchen’s Sink
To get this achievement, first order of business is to get the attention of the police. This part is really easy. You can do it in several ways; hit a police car, cause property damage or just simply break the speed limit.

After you have the police’s attention; you need to change your car at a Jack Spot. Switch your car and drive through a billboard performing a huge jump stunt at break neck speed. When you have completed this routine and successfully evaded the police at the end, you will be awarded the “Kitchen’s Sink” achievement or trophy.

Keep in mind, the best way to complete this stunt is to plan it before hand. Choose to attract police attention near a Jack Spot which is should be conveniently located close to a billboard. The Jack Spot on interstate 92 provides the perfect set up to complete this stunt and earn the achievement or trophy.

Fast Forward
To get Fast Forward achievement or trophy, you will need a super-fast car. We recommend a buffed up Lamborghini Gallardo or a Bugatti Veyron. You need to record a speed of 200mph on any one of those 66 pesky speed cameras.

To do this, first choose a speed camera that is located on a straight stretch of a highway. This way, you would be able to generate the most speed without taking any unnecessary turns. Check on your map for camera number 52. It is perfectly placed for you to complete this challenge without much hassle.

Drive towards the camera from enough distance that once you get there, you have the required speed of 200mph. Do not hit any cars on your way to the speed camera, it will slow you down causing you to start from the beginning again. Furthermore, remember to use nitrous to give your engine that final bit of power to reach the 200mph. Activate the nitrous once you get near to the speed camera.