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Kickstarter Arrives In Britain – Expanding Its Wings

Kickstarter over the past couple of years has become the way for indie and even mainstream game developers to gather fund for their projects. The method of crowd funding that Kickstarter employs has garnered resources for many aspiring game developers in America.

Well, we have good news for all you wannabe entrepreneurs in Britain. Kickstarter has finally opened its doors to the people across the pond! Regarding this new venture been undertaken by the website, its co-founder Yancey Strickler has the following to say to BBC:

The request to expand internationally has long been one of our most-requested features. We certainly are interested. We’re going to see how the UK launch goes and figure out the next moves from there. There are a lot of places that will be interesting.

Since its creation back in 2009, Kickstarter has managed to raise $340million for over 30000 projects of various kinds. Videogame industry in America has reaped many benefits from this site, here’s hoping people in Britain will be able to do the same.