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Jagex To Publish Ace of Spades

The Minecraft-esque FPS title, Ace of Spades has found itself a publisher in the form of Runescape publishers, Jagex.  Could this be the next big voxel game on the market? Let’s see if Jagex can pull it off.

If you’ve never heard of Ace of Spades before, then allow me to break it down for you; it’s a team based FPS game that borrows elements from voxel titles such as Minecraft. You must construct your 16-bit base with your teammates and assault your opponent’s base for their flag, either by charging them down or digging a tunnel for a surprise assault.

Ace of Spades has been picking up popularity over the past few months, with over 2.5 million downloads since the first launch last year.

Now Jagex has picked up the title and they’ve been working on it since October, starting with sprucing things up here and there.

It’s been announced that Ace of Spades will also make it to Steam later in this year, sometime in December. Though if you’re interested now, you can download the prototype.