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Halo 4 Review Round Up: 343 Has Made Something Extraordinary

The reviews are finally here for the latest entry in Microsoft’s flagship series, Halo 4.

No one was ever doubting 343 Industries, but they have managed to go beyond our levels of expectations, delivering a fantastic end product.

CVG – 8.0/10
“343 did the best job anyone could have done with those graphics on this generation of hardware but given the choice between pretty or huge, Halo should always be the biggest game in the world.”

IGN – 9.8/10
“Halo has been rebuilt. It has been redefined. And it has been reinvigorated. The Xbox’s original king has returned to his rightful place on the throne.”

Joystiq – 5/5
“Our doubt and questioning of Halo’s continued existence has, in some small way, helped deliver one of the best games in the series and one of the finest shooters in years. Of course, if we want to use this tactic for the next one we’d better start now.”

Polygon – 9.5/10
“Halo is in new hands with 343i, but the studio nailed exactly why the series became a genre-defining franchise. And it’s exciting to think about where it goes from here.”

Giant Bomb – 4/5
“The developers have executed quite well, developing a Halo game that gets that Halo feel down nicely while also playing around with the periphery of the experience in an attempt to modernize things a bit. Some of those new ideas work better than others, but if there’s any actual issue with Halo 4 it’s that the game plays it a little too safe.”

Destructoid – 10
“343 Industries have done a remarkable job at continuing the Halo legacy. They’ve gone all out, creating a fantastic sequel that brought forth a major focus on storytelling while upping the visual and audio direction to a level that will be tough for anyone to rival with these few remaining years of the current console generation.”

Videogamer – 9
“One fact is clear: this is no longer Bungie’s Halo, but much of what made the series such an irresistible proposition has remained intact for this new beginning. Rich, lavish and often spectacular, Halo 4 is an encouraging first effort from 343 Industries and a deserving entry into one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.”