XCOM: Enemy Unknown Additional DLC Announced

2K Games have called the game a “commercial success” and why wouldn’t it be? Granted many including me had doubts about the game but so far everyone is enjoying XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Following the great welcome, publisher 2K Games have decided to lend further support for the game in terms of more DLC packs.

Presently, Enemy Unknown was announced to get two DLC packs. This, however, will change now as additional content for Enemy Unknown is being planned even for 2013.

One of the already announced Slingshot DLC will release soon. It will feature new Council missions and will see your squad “meet an enigmatic Triad operative, divert an alien ship’s course, and do battle with the aliens in the skies over China.” The second DLC pack is also scheduled for this year, but details have not been revealed.