Star Wars 1313 to be Unaffected By Disney Acquiring Lucasfilm

There’s worries left, right and centre concerning the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, and that worry stretches to the gaming world as well.

Along with Lucasfilm, the subsidiary company LucasArts has also been bought, meaning that certain titles such as the upcoming Star Wars 1313 might be affected by the change.

Our fears were compacted when Bob Iger, Disney CEO, made the announcement that Lucasfilm would be focusing on mobile and tablet games, as opposed to the major console projects that we’ve come to expect.

Fortunately, Disney announced yesterday in a statement issued to IGN that this fear of change was unfounded, as things should be proceeding as before.

For the time being all projects are business as usual. We are excited about all the possibilities that Disney brings.

This should mean that their current big project shall go exactly as it was previously planned. A lot of thought went into Star Wars 1313 and I’m sure Disney don’t want to step in and ruin all of that.