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Forza Horizon: SmartGlass Experience Moves Map To Tablet

Microsoft has announced the release of a new app called SmartGlass Experience for Forza Horizon which moves the world map to a Windows 8 running tablet.

The app is designed to make it more easier for players to navigate while driving. Currently players have to pause the game to open the map and one can only pause the game so many times.

With the SmartGlass Experience app you can easily place your map on to a tablet with no need to ever pause the game again. Simply gaze and steer.

The app will also include all the necessary tablet features like pinching to zoom, setting waypoints by tapping a desired location and swiping on the screen to explore the map. Additionally it will also include other options found in-game like getting information on events and more.

SmartGlass Experience is available now on the Windows 8 but Microsoft has promised other platforms as well for the future.