WWE 13 Launch Trailer Gives Us A Taste Of The Attitude Era

WWE 13 will be released in just a few hours now and yesterday THQ bestowed upon us the launch trailer, and I have to say, it brings back happy memories.

The trailer is a throwback to the ‘Attitude Era’ of wrestling, and it certainly brings back the attitude. Players will participate during this epic period of WWE history played out during the Monday Night Wars. The single player campaign features 20 classic WWE videos, cinematic cut scenes, 150 history photos, and matches.

WWE 13 runs on the new Predator Technology to provide smooth yet bone-crushing game play. Players can play through the current WWE roster and classic Attitude Era wrestlers or create their own personalized character with the most powerful creation suite yet.

WWE Universe Mode 3.0 seems interesting and the fact that THQ just seems to keep adding more and more features into the game is really awesome.