Watch Dogs To Use Refined AI Tech From Splinter Cell: Conviction

One game shown at this year’s E3 instantly had every viewer’s jaw drop and that was Watch Dogs.

Speaking to OXM, Richard Arroyo the animator on Watch Dog’s team revealed that they plan to refine the AI developed for Splinter Cell: Conviction to be used in Watch Dogs.

Arroyo explained how the gameplay in Conviction was set to use the environment and surrounding crowds.

This version of Sam would need to blend and use the environment around him, and he would need to ‘mingle’ with the everyday civilian. This is where the idea of the jacket and backpack came from because they would enable him to carry and hide weapons.

Fisher was going to be fully rogue – no rules, no restrictions, and no moral code – using an assortment of ‘shady’ characters to get his weapons and intelligence. I wanted Sam to be as ruthless as possible by making his takedown and interrogation moves malicious, giving the player a shock factor you would normally see in the God of War series.

He continued talking about the work needed to develop a crowd where every individual is in fact doing his own part. There are no cut and paste here, there are no shot cuts here.

Managing characters that are on a cell phone, ordering food, scouting the premise, all with different body structures, takes a lot of work and multiple animations. Our AI was seriously evolving – to the point where we talked about couples holding hands, handing out items like drinks or other relative objects.

Watch Dogs will release at the end of the year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The data mining game is so far looking fabulous.