Valve Looking For Linux Beta Testers

Coming to the videogame industry’s mind as an afterthought is nothing new to Linux gamers all over the world. However, there may be some hope still for Linux users; Valve has just announced that they have begun taking in applications of experienced Linux users for the beta test of steam on the Linux OS. Valve intends to fill out 1000 spots for this beta test.

Steam’s plan on the Linux was put into full effect ever since Gabe Newell declared the new Windows 8 as “a complete catastrophe for PC gaming” back in July of this year. This seems like a risky move for Valve to say the least, especially when you take in the fact that only 5% of PC users use Linux as of August 2012 according to the stats gathered by W3Schools.

If you want to take part in this beta test, you can register yourself here.