UK Retailer Game Confirms GTA 5 For Spring 2013

This the second time a game retailer has let lose marketing material regarding the release date of the new Grand Theft Auto 5.

UK retailer Game seems fairly certain that GTA 5 will release in Spring of 2013. This morning the company’s branch in Brighton uploaded on image (below) on their Twitter account that has new artwork, and the words highlighted: “pre-order now to avoid disappointment.”

Prior to today’s reveal, many pre-order posters were uploaded on the web over the weekend which also had a release date of Spring 2013. Not only that but another UK retailer, GameStop recently listed GTA 5 for a release on March 1, 2013.

Rockstar has kept itself out of this circle and has not commented on the news. They probably are waiting for the information blow-out that’s going to come with GameInformer’s next issue. Last month, GTA 5 was confirmed as the cover story for their December issue. The issue will be released on November 8.

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