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Nintendo Discusses Modes in Super Mario Bros. U

The closer we get to the Wii U’s release, the more information we get on its launch games. Next up is Super Mario Bros. U.

Game Informer reveals what Nintendo said of Super Mario Bros. U’s modes. Challenge Mode is all about completing objectives such as completing a course without touching coins or the ground. Other modes in Challenge Mode include Time Attack, Coin Collection, 1-Up Rally and Special.

Then there’s Coin Battle, where up to five players compete against each other to collect the most coins. One of the players uses the GamePad, and the others use the Wii Remote. The GamePad allows users to place Boost Blocks and help grab out of reach coins, as well as edit the coin layout in the courses.

World Map is a side-scrolling classic Mario adventure with named worlds and courses coning to secrete exits and interconnected worlds.

When playing on the World Map, players will sometimes run into a Nabbit, allowing them to enter a course where they attempt to capture the Nabbit and get back items it stole from Toad. Avoid the Noid, anybody?

Super Mario Bros. U comes out on November 18th along with the launch of the Wii U.