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More Details For Nintendo Land Surface

nintendo land
Nintendo Land, an exclusive Wii U game based on different Nintendo characters, had some more details released by Nintendo. Included in Nintendo Land are Yoshi’s Fruit Cart, Captain Falcon’s Twister Race and Octopus Dance, each of which Nintendo elaborated on a bit more.

First up is Yoshi’s Fruit Cart. Nintendo revealed the game will use the GamePad touch screen and stylus, allowing the player to draw a path for the Yoshi Cart. On the large screen will be the fruit that Yoshi collects and the obstacles to avoid, making for some sweet second-screen gameplay.

Second is Captain Falcon’s Twister Race, based on F-Zero. Twister Race also uses the GamePad, which gives players a top-down view of the track and also steers by moving the controller around. Other tropes are abounded, such as speed spikes, whirlwinds and bombs.

Third is Octopus Dance, a single-player game also using the GamePad, which in this game acts to “mirror dance moves performed by a deep-sea dance instructor.” The views will be different from TV to GamePad, and the player will have to make use of both screens in order to best mimic the choreography.

Source: Silicon Era