Cryptic Details Star Trek Online’s Reputation System

The Season 7 update for Star Trek Online will adds a new reputation system allowing players to access new missions for the Romulan Task Force, as well as the Task Force Omega. Cryptic provided some details about the reputation system, which lets players earn new items by falling in with the right factions.

Here’s what Cryptic had to say about Star Trek Online’s Reputation system:

Once players reach Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General they will unlock the ability to increase their reputation with specified factions through the Reputation System. The layout of the UI is similar to the Fleet System, but only usable by one player. Players will need to choose and complete projects that either earn Reputation XP for the system or unlock gear for the player. The inputs required to start a reputation project vary, but one key similarity is that they all require Marks specific to the reputation you’re working on. By playing select content that is themed to the reputation, players will earn a set of Marks that are key to progressing through a reputation type.

Source: Ten Ton Hammer