Assassin’s Creed 3 Privateer Contracts Guide

It would be a lie to say that pirates didn’t have any presence during the American Revelation. Assassin’s Creed 3 seems to be aware about the fact, and throws in a bunch of hostile marauders and what-not at your trade routes that make things risky, provided you use trade routes.For this very reason, you have

Privateer Contract missions, which are smaller ascompared tothe other naval missions. Their function istoreduce the risks ofpirates and baddies inyour trade routes, but that’s not the only reason toplay them. They are fun, and utmost necessary toattain 100% sync.

This guide will walk you through some of the objectives of the missions, which are twelve in number. For more help on Assassin’s Creed 3, read our Naval Missions, Outfits Unlock and Crafting Recipes Guide.

Privateer Contracts

These are short little contracts that are quicker and perhaps easier than the naval objectives.

Henderson in Distress:

Limit Allied Loss 50%
Just use the swivel gun and take them out as fast as possible! It really just comes down to how fast you are.

Paving the Way:

Destroy 3 Ships by Ramming Them
Halfsail your way and prioritize ramming into the ships first before taking the rest out. There is no damage limit objective here, so you shouldn’t worry too much about your own ship getting hurt.

Dread of Knight:

Limit Environmental Damage (25%)
Ignore everything else and get up close to the St. James. Use your canon, and the finish off the remaining fleet with the swivel gun. This should keep things nice and tidy.

Troubled Water:

Limit Damage Taken (50%)
This one is very easy provided you are equipped with incendiary ammo and are good at taking care of bad weather and waves.

Raiding the Prospector:

Sink the Fleet within the Time Limit (1:30)
For accomplishing this, start off by ignoring the larger ship and instead focusing on the smaller ones with standard shots.

Finish them off quickly with the swivel, and then turn back quickly at the large ship. It will probably be getting close and ready for attacking you. Broadside her if you can, and if you are very lucky, you might just finish her off. This is once again much tougher than it may seem.

One of a Kind:

Sink a Frigate
Destroy the enemy till a frigate appears. Then, go after it.

Blistering Dawn:

Limit Damage Taken (25%)
This is very simple, especially if you use incendiary shots.

A Call for Help:

Limit Ally Damage (75%)
Well, there isn’t much you can do – apart from destroying the enemy boats as quickly as possible to help the cause.

The Sea Wolves:

Complete the Contract with Minimum Allied Casualties (4)
This is also fairly easy. Just take the enemy out with fire shots and you won’t lose too many people.

A Midnight Engagement:

Minimize Environmental Damage (25%)
Just avoid the rocks in the start and you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Giant and the Storm:

Sink Ships by Firing On Their Powder Stores (3)
For this, you have to damage each ship till its powder stores are exposed. Use standard shot and grazing shots to let the opportunity come.

Don’t use broadsides or you will just sink them immediately. Good luck, because again: this is much harder than it seems.