Target Slashes Price of PS Vita by More Than $100

Everyone’s heard the rumors by now of the slow sales of the PlayStation Vita, matching those of the sluggish Dreamcast sales. As with the Dreamcast, however, sales in itself don’t mean the platform is no good, but it doesn’t make the buyer any less hesitant to invest in one. And if buyers weren’t worried enough, looks like Target just slashed the price of the PS Vita by over $100.

The information can be found on Target’s site, where it is advertising the 3G/WiFi PS Vita launch bundle for only $179.99, a cut of $120. This could be a shot in the arm for Vita sales at Target, but the lack of faith in the platform as a whole is troubling for the system that just released a year ago. Though, the 3DS underwent a dramatic price cut shortly after release as well, it was done in an official manner and not by a retailer.

What do you think? Is this enough to make you plunk down on a Vita?

Source: Just Push Start