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Square Enix Releases “Wizardlings”, A Free-to-Play RPG For iOS Devices

Square Enix raised some eyebrows back in september with its registration of a number of trademarks, including one for “Wizardlings.” While it didn’t garner as much attention as the “Circle of Mana” trademark the company filed, it did turn out to be a free-to-play mobile RPG that released this week on iOS.

Apparently, it’s a “casual tap-adventure RPG” where you defeat “darkness and bring back the light” by tapping dark tiles to light them and fighting monsters along the way. Here is the launch trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Uncovering tiles reveals flowers, trees, buildings and other objects. Some of these can be used as ingredients to create powerful spells. Uncovering tiles also reveals monsters that you have to fight in order to restore light to the world. Good enough? Share your thoughts with us.