RIFT: New Update Converts Servers To Trial-Only

Developer Trion has brought in a new update for their shard technology. Players journeying in the regions of Europe and America can now play on their own dedicated wargroup.

The announcement made on the forums also revealed that the new update will double the capacity of the individual servers, reducing queue times for dungeons and PVP in the process:

The servers of Storm Legion have arrived early! Since the beginning of the year we’ve been making constant advancements in our server technology as we worked to bring all of the shards closer together. Starting with European servers in July, we began our plans to have everyone in each region play on a single wargroup. Now we’re able to start the next leap forward – further focusing on removing the barriers between shards.

The advancements we’ve made this year have effectively doubled the capacity of the individual servers allowing more of you to play together than ever before while reducing the total number of shards we need to support RIFT’s active population.

The new changes will go live on October 24 while Briarcliff, Byriel, Deepstrike, Gnarlwood, Greenscale, Keenblade, Millrush, and Silkweb have already been converted to trial servers.