Angry Birds Gear Up For The Halloween

The third annual Halloween installment for the Angry Birds seasons game has arrived. The latest Halloween update is aptly canned the “Haunted Hogs.”
This time now the Bad Piggies have left the outdoors to take shelter inside old haunted houses. They have even dressed up for the occasion. You can expect to come face to face with vampire Piggies and even Frankenswine. However, this has not deterred the birds one bit, and they are full on ready to rain down their wrath on the Piggies. Look forward to mayhem.

Rovio has added 30 levels in this update and even a new a gameplay mechanic called the “Ghost block.” These blocks appear normal, but you can shoot right through them! Furthermore, Rovio has included scary music to accompany all the levels to really create the atmosphere of the game. There are also many other secrets to unravel in this spooky and by far the best seasonal update.

The update just arrived so if you haven’t gotten it yet, download it as soon as possible. Moreover, do not forget that Angry Birds Star Wars comes out on 8th November.