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Zynga Shuts Down Studios, Lays off Hundreds

While everyone was busy being stunned from the abrupt introduction of a fourth-generation iPad, Zynga was busying laying off over 100 employees from its studio in Austin, leaving about 70 employees.

Officially, no announcements have been made, but Joystiq learned that teams responsible for The Ville and Zynga Bingo have been cut, with an employee telling Joystiq that “The Ville and Bingo teams were cut. I don’t know anything about Chicago at the moment.”

Zynga’s Boston studio, employing 50 people, was shut down completely. This comes on the heels of the studio readying the launch of a new product they were allegedly very excited about, which will now “not see the light of day,” according to one of the laid-off employees, speaking to Tech Crunch. “I think they just needed to cut hundreds of people off the payroll, and this was the easiest way to do that. They looked at who was not working on a live game.”