You Can Expect More Classes For Borderlands 2

One of the things that made Boderlands 2 lovable was the significant difference in skills and abilities offered to each class. Fans loved it as it gave them a feeling of being unique and specialized in their class; however, there were only four classes.

For fans who wanted more, Gearbox released the Mechromancer DLC, which added another class aimed towards easier playing. This way, you could get your friends who aren’t that good at First-Person Shooters to play along side, in fact, it was labeled the “girlfriend class” just for that reason. This was also a test to see how class DLC is received by fans as Randy Pitchford commented on the release of Mechromancer:

It’s just a little bit too early for me to announce anything specific yet, but we have some plans and some hopes and dreams. We’re also open to influence. There is active brainstorming about new characters going on. Nothing concrete yet – we’re waiting to see what the Mechromancer does to the game and how it’s received.

The DLC must have been a success because Randy Pitchford seems to have more DLC planned for release. He replied on his twitter to a fan asking if there is more DLC coming out by saying “yes – we’re working on it.”