X-COM: Enemy Unknown DLC Announced

X-COM: Enemy Unknown released about two weeks ago to much critical acclaim, and developer Firaxis just announced today that it’s releasing some new DLC to add more content to the game.

The Slingshot Content Pack basically features a set of Council missions that involve a Triad operative fighting the alien threat. Players will divert the course of an alien ship and slug it out in the skies of China. Three new maps, a new squad character and new customization options are included — but the price, and release date for the Slingshot pack are yet to be revealed.

If you pre-ordered the game or purchased it at launch you’ll have received The Elite Soldier Pack for free. It gives players the classic X-COM soldier in their barracks, Soldier Deco upgrades for their soldiers, and complete color customization. This pack is now available for $4.99 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.