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Meet “Hoyt The Tyrant” From Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 has no shortage of villainous madmen. However, you totally have to be badass to take the title of Rock Island’s biggest villain and that is exactly what Hoyt is.

Although his name may be a bit funny but nothing else about Hoyt is a laughing matter. He has three rules for all those who are on the island to follow. Failure to comply with any one of them will lead to the guilty party being roasted alive in the furnace.

Furthermore, Hoyt also has too much ammunition for his guns, and he isn’t shy when it comes to using it. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to like the natives of the island in fact, he has a rule of killing them on sight.

However, like all great villains, Hoyt dresses up sharply and has a good taste in music. Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure: