Battlefield 3: Aftermath – Scavenger Mode Is All About Balance

A recent interview with Studio DICE, developers of Battlefield 3 reveals a lot of information about the new game mode being released in the new expansion, titled Aftermath.

The new mode is called Scavenger. All players start with one pistol, one grenade and one specialisation – the very bare minimum. After that you’re supposed to explore the map to find the more powerful weapons.

It’s really important for you to explore the map to find new weapons. What we’ve done with the weapons is tiered them into three levels. So level one is your less-powerful weapons like SMGs, and they can be found around the outskirts and safe zones.

It’s risk-reward in its basic sense. So if you’re on level three you’re in open areas, you’re around the flags, so you know you’re going to encounter someone else out there, and that’s exactly what we’re going for.

The game mode is supposed to be really handy for players looking to get into the multiplayer and wanting to have a chance against other players who have already put in 400+ hours of game time. Aftermath and it’s new game mode will be available for purchase December 18th.

Source: VG247