Will FIFA Wii U Always Play Catch-Up To PS3 & Xbox 360?

FIFA 13 boasts some impressive features this year. However, most of the biggest ones are missing from the Wii U version. The question which arises here is that whether FIFA 14 on the Wii U will be on par with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Matt Prior, producer of the Wii U version remarked:

Possibly. We’ll see how Wii U goes and all the rest of it. But yes, certainly that would be the hope at this stage but who knows what’s going to happen in the future.

Commenting on the missing features, he said that it’s a “technical first-iteration issue”.

When you’re building anything… you need a solid foundation on which to build. You can’t build on a foundation which is continually changing. We’re running alongside FIFA 13 [on 360/PS3], so those brand new features like the additions to the physics engine and so forth, they’re being worked on, so we can’t bring that over, they change it, and we bring it over again. It’s just not technically feasible.

We’ve got a lot of the big ticket items that they have like the physics engine, precision dribbling and tactical defending, we just don’t have some of the later implementations in FIFA 13. The first touch control that they have, we weren’t able to bring that in because that was in development, but there is a lot in there. And then on top of that we’ve got all the Wii U specific features so it counter-balances it. They don’t have Manager Mode or co-op mode so it balances itself out.

If the next-generation consoles come into play in the coming years then for sure the experience for future FIFA titles would be off the roof. If and when this happens would it create further problems for the Wii U versions?

I don’t have any details of any kind of future consoles so can’t comment how Wii U would relate to [those]. But in terms of parity with PS3 and 360, it’s the first year that’s always the most difficult one. Whereas on Xbox, they’re starting afresh from FIFA 12 and just building on top of it, we’re starting with nothing. Part of our challenge is that we have to build that foundation.

It’s like an 80/20 split in terms of effort. 80 per cent of our time is just building the game and getting it working on [Wii U] and then 20 per cent is new features and so on. But that’s just a first year iteration issue, so now we have this, moving forward in terms of parity with 360 and PS3 is much easier to get there.

It’s interesting and worrying to note that the feature of Tactical Defending is still missing from Vita’s version of FIFA. The feature was introduced back in 2012 for FIFA 12.

[via VideoGamer]