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Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Released

With the release date of Halo 4 (November 6) approaching ever closer the pressure must be building up for 343 Industries. While previous games in the series were developed by Bungie this is the first time it will be developed by 343 industries and naturally, they have a lot to prove.

343 Industries who have been so far responsible for managing the Halo world, including merchandise and other media, have done a good job, but this will be the real test. Not only will they have to prove themselves in the gameplay department but they will also be judged on deeper elements of the game such as the soundtrack.

Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori have complimented the Halo world so far with their sound but not on Halo 4. This time the soundtrack would be done by Neil Davidge, famous for his collaboration with Massive Attack. This is his first time providing the score for a video game and he must be confident because the soundtrack has been released earlier today on online retailers by Apple, Amazon and Google.

You can get the standard edition for $8.99 or the deluxe edition for $11.99 which includes additional music by Davidge.