EVE Online Player Loses $6,000 In One Ship

You know how when you die in an MMO and it sucks? It sucks a lot more in EVE Online. It sucks even more when your cargo is worth thousands of dollars in real-world cash.

This kind of thing isn’t exactly unheard of on EVE Online, but the sheer amount of money involved is a new record. How’s he lost cargo worth actual value though? Well, it starts with PLEX. PLEX are 30-day game-time codes that are purchasable either with real cash on with in-game money (If you’re rich enough).

Some players are so rich that they can buy these codes en masse and then trade them off or use them themselves. The codes actually take up cargo space though whilst they’re in their un-used PLEX form. So, through this system you can sort-of turn your in-game ISK into real world money.

Just as another note; EVE Online is full of people who will destroy you for no reason, so transporting cargo can be a bit daunting sometimes.

Anyway, a player by name of “stewie Zanjoahir” was happily transporting a cargo of valuable blueprints through the nullsec area of the game. Nullsec is full of pirates. So being balls-to-the-wall brave, stewie decided he could transport his cargo through nullsec in an unfitted frigate and without any protection. He got blown up, which was pretty much expected.

Then we found out just how much his cargo was worth. The blueprints (Now unusable due to being exploded) were worth over 213,000,000,000 ISK. The current conversion rate puts that much ISK at being able to buy at least 367 PLEX codes (580 million each). That many codes would equate to more than 30 years of game time. If you bought that much with cash you’d be spending $6,422.50.

That’s a lot of money to just suddenly vanish in a fireball of death. Hopefully stewie Zanjoahir has learnt his lesson not to carry that much ISK in an unprotected vessel.