EA Needs Your Private Information to Play the Wii U Online

The further we get into technology, it seems, the further game companies keep moving the privacy line. Attempting to thwart piracy and used game sales, EA has come up with the idea of an Origin Account for the Wii U. What this means is that everyone will have Nintendo Network IDs when they go online with the Wii U, from which data will be transferred to EA.

Once you sign up to play an EA game from the Wii U, EA will have access to your Nintendo account information so it can create the Origin Account. This will be a necessary step to playing EA games online on the Wii U. The account information you give to EA will be limited, and includes your Mii information, email, Nintendo Network ID, friend list, country, langauge and date of birth. Your financial information is safe, probably, for now at least.

Source: My Nintendo News